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“The Best Commercial Meeting Place in Central Rift”

Located within Egerton University, Main Campus, Njoro in a serene atmosphere surrounded by scenic attractions is ARC Hotel, a three-star Hotel facility.

ARC Hotel was started to support Research at the University but over the years the Hotel has carved a niche as a ‘‘conference center”.
It was officially opened on July 12 1985 by the then President Daniel Moi.  

It used to host mainly researchers who used to come to conduct research at the University. But owing to its success the University management has decided to re-brand it as ARC hotel and hand it over to the Egerton University Investment Company to run it as a business venture.

The investment company will manages it as a business. The Hotel is also used by the University to train students taking Eco Tourism and Hospitality Management Courses.

ARC Hotel has a room capacity of 90 and excellent conference facilities, convenient discussion rooms, a cyber café within the building and a swimming pool.

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